Oberursel 2005

Simon Wyld and the Band Group photo

The bands' eighth foriegn tour was to Oberursel, Germany. This was special desitination as Rushmoor Bourgh Council are twinned with it, the same applies to Meudon in France which the band visited in 2003, the Council is also twinned with Sulechow, Poland. The purpose of twinning is to 'promote international peace and understainding' through freindships formed when people visit a town twinned with their home town this is what the Twinning Committy belive and so they help facilitate visits similar to the bands' planned visit.

The link with Oberursel has lasted for 10 years and is stong as Rushmoor Concert Band have also recently visted itfor their tour and a highlight of their visit was a joint concert with the Blasorchester der Feuerwehr Bommersheim, which translated means the voluntary firebrigade wind band, the RCB even had a piece of music written especially for the occation. Oberursel is situaated in a region of Germany called Hessen (like a county in England), near Frankfurt. The concert schedule was a busy one with seven performances in four days. The first of the major concerts was a joint performance with the Frohsinn Carnival Brass Band in their own club house. Later in the week the Turnverein Stierstadt Wind Band were the hosts. Their training band played first, followed by NEHASB. Next to perform was their main band and finally everyone played together. On the last day, NEHASB were guests at the Frankfurt International School, where they performed to over a thousand pupils. Other performances during the tour included concerts at the Swim Club of Oberursel, the Georg-Stangel-Haus old people's home and in the market place of the Hessenpark. At all of the concerts, the audiences and other musicians were warm, friendly and generous with their praise. During the tour a civic reception was held in the unusual but charming setting of the Oberursel School of Forestry. The deputy mayor welcomed the band and gifts were exchanged. As at all of the events, refreshments were provided for the band. In between the intense music making, there were opportunities to visit the roman fort, to go bowling and swimming, to do some shopping and to taste the local spa waters, just one more experience which the band members will never forget. The success of the tour was very much due to the efforts of Mrs. Silke Welteke and Dr. Christoph Muellerleile who set up the itinerary and accompanied the band throughout their very enjoyable stay in Oberursel. Thanks must also go to Mrs. Alison Boukhobza and the Rushmoor Town Twinning Committee for their support of the tour.

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